Product Lines

You can buy beauty products from many sources in the Mandeville, LA area but many are guaranteed only when bought from a licensed professional.
The staff at Bella Salon & Spa has been expertly trained to help you select the best products for your lifestyle.
Thank you for supporting us by purchasing professional products only from Bella Salon & Spa.

GK Hair

... (read more)


Bella Salon & Spa is proud to offer L'anza to our clients. We strive to deliver the best... (read more)

Deva Curl

Bella Salon & Spa is proud to offer Deva Curl to our clients. Deva Curl is exclusively designed... (read more)

Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales Hair Care Products are a unique blend of pure rosemary, citronella, oils, lavender and... (read more)


"My goal is to find a natural solution for the challenges associated with fine and thin-looking... (read more)